sábado, 25 de junho de 2016

• The Mushroom House

Uncomplicated people. They’re the only ones who can give names to things such as “Mushroom House”.

Vila Sassetti, at Quinta da Amizade, Sintra. That’s the place in these two photos, being this one on the right taken by me. Which has from now on a new designation. My personal angel baptized it this way. And that’s fine by me. 

It’s a much more cute name, la Maison Champignon.  ;-)

This vila had as first owner an italian gentleman, Victor Carlos Sassetti. It was designed too by an italian, Luigi Manini, the architect of Quinta da Regaleira. As for me, I have this italian nickname, Giuseppe Pietrini… 

However, an uncomplicated human being - this very same angel that I spoke about before, arrived from very faraway across this world - gave my portuguese real name a new reading sound: JUICY.