terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2016

• Koduigatsus*

Nimi algab M tähega. Aga ma ei olnud valmis. Mitte veel.

Nevertheless, she’s the one. And now I feel rootless. But I feel this was and it will continue to be a positive effect she made on me.


We now live in parallel universes. Me, in this hot weather country which was my cradle. And her, faraway up there in the cold of the northern parts of the old continent. But we once were a blessed instant couple. And since then I know someone like her can exist on this planet.

"Find a woman you can cope with.", a very dear friend of mine - one perfect little angel-demon - said to me, recently... And I thought at that moment that I do had found that woman already.

She's fine to me. I think she has the same virtues and flaws that I do. But I'm not as fine to her as I would wish to be.

* Nostalgia, in her mother language.