terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2016

• Koduigatsus*

Nimi algab M tähega. Aga ma ei olnud valmis. Mitte veel.

Nevertheless, she’s the one. And now I feel rootless. But I feel this was and it will continue to be a positive effect she made on me.


We now live in parallel universes. Me, in this hot weather country which was my cradle. And her, faraway up there in the cold of the northern parts of the old continent. But we once were a blessed instant couple. And since then I know someone like her can exist on this planet.

"Find a woman you can cope with.", a very dear friend of mine - one perfect little angel-demon - said to me, recently... And I thought at that moment that I do had found that woman already.

She's fine to me. I think she has the same virtues and flaws that I do. But I'm not as fine to her as I would wish to be.

* Nostalgia, in her mother language.

2 comentários:

Marika disse...

I know the feeling. Rootless. It's not because of you, it's all because of me, my rootless feeling. At least now I know there you roots are. I felt this. Last Monday in Portugal.

Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

At first, I felt deeply sad, when I read your comment, Marika. Because I thought you had been in Lisbon. I was not able to sleep an entire evening with the sadness this news brought me.

But then, in the morning after, I logged myself to facebook. I stopped doing it for a long time, because of you. And then I saw that you might just crossed the border from Aracena to a small town in Portugal and went to a restaurant to have a meal. Probably not even by your free will but because you were with a bunch of people that took that decision to go there.

Ok, surely, you might have heard people speaking my language. You have tasted some portuguese style food. And because of this you can say you know where my roots are. I’m sorry but you have just scratched the surface.

Ok, you have crossed the border to the side I live in. And at that moment you might have thought of me. And that simple fact made my sadness be swept away.

I’ve always felt perhaps the same rootless feeling that you have. You just made it grow up to the sky after I met you.

I think there’s only one place in this whole world where I won’t have anymore this rootless feeling. And that’s in your arms. Wherever you may be. In the North Pole or in the Sahara desert.

I dare to say, Marika, I miss you like hell. Excuse me, girl, for this weakness of mine. After this last month of January, I left you in peace, because I thought it was the best I could do for you. Your "why now?" still echoes in my mind. To love someone is to set her free. But there’s not a single day I don’t have you in my mind and in my heart.

Bless you, Marika.