quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

• Geld*

This post today is writen in english. And there's two main reasons for this have been decided by me.

One, it's about money. So, I'm going to express my thoughts in a Wall Street language. The other one, I'll expose here one of my mostly sad weaknesses: I lie a lot. And by confessing it in a language other than my native portuguese, it seems like I'm may not feel so ashamed by that fact.

I don't know if you folks usually surf to those sites where one can try to search for that myth, l'âme-soeur, the soulmate they say everyone has its own. Sites like this one, for instance. Just click here, please. 

Normally, when one signs up to anyone of these sites, and even some others of completely different kinds, one has to fill up his personal data in a register webpage form, where there's a delicate question about the amount of one's monthly salary or annual income.

Shy people about that issue, like me, tend to choose the "prefer not to say" option as their most honest answer. They normally are led to omit the truth. As for me, my uncomfortableness leads me always in an almost opposite direction: I lie compulsively and choose the top of the scale option. The biggest annual income of all in the list.

I've always wondered why... what's the leitmotif behind such a shameful as unreasonable behavior of mine? Me, a guy with such high political ambitions, should never, in any circumstances whatsoever tell a single lie to anyone!... Isn't that right? Ain't I seing clearly, no?

So, why?... Well... The hidden and unconcious reason for me lying is... it stroke me just a couple of days ago, I swear... Deep down in my memory reserved for the storage of the thoughts of the greatest philosophers of this mankind, I had always there, very at hand, this overwhelmingly solid and reliable quote:

"A lie repeated several times becomes true"

That's it!!!... It's my strong will to become a wealthy man, someday, doing all the works in the background of my mind for me, for besides ambitious, I'm a lazy guy too...

Anyway, it's the only possible path for me to obtain this desideratum. I have a kind of bad relationship with money.

When it comes near me, friendly wishing to stay a good time in my pocket or bank account, I do not pay too much attention towards it. So it starts to feel neglected. Even jealous of other goods, that I trade it to. A sense of betrayal grows on its poor heart. And then it sadly walks away from me. More quickly than when it came desiring my warm hug on it.

This status quo has got to stop. I must care for money much better. I should love money, as one loves a mistress. After all, money is a beautiful thing... Don't you think? Look up the image that illustrates this post.  From an artist point of view, with its golden yellow dominant tone, isn't it wonderful?...

* Geld is my most loved foreign language word standing for money. For it's the one used by those skillful artists who love this thing called money to the highest limit: the swiss bankers. I'll begin to envy their talents from now on.

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