sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2012

• Love and desire

The wise words above were said by Robert Frost, an american poet.

So… This way, to love is nothing else but to desire and be desired… And more likely often just the last condition... Which makes love quite a selfish feeling, to a great number of us.

There's a fact on what I am becoming more and more conscious, as time goes by  I'm afraid I won't be anymore desired by anyone. I lost any charm that I might once had. And I've become somehow a bitter and faithless man, these last hard two years, by being left alone, and furthermore, neglected.

Therefore, there will be no use to desire, as well. If there's no chance for me to be desired once more… By anyone.

Therefore, I'm done on what love is concerned. 

How can I love any woman whatsoever again?… After ceasing to be loved and, most significantly, desired by the last one with whom I shared nine years of our lives? In such a sudden and traumatic way… With all this miserable guilt feeling I will carry for the rest of my days…

Oh, how I've foolishly wasted the good fortune that I was born with…

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