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• At the end of the road

Have you ever listened to the voice of an angel?... Everyone of us should hear very carefully to every single word spoken by Mr. Azusa Hayano in this video, here.

Japan is one of the countries in this world where people commit suicide in a great number. Being South Korea the country on earth with the largest number of registered cases of suicide.

This, in my personal opinion, is probably due to the fact of these societies in far east Asia promote a high degree of competitiveness, from very early ages, like primary school years. Teenagers and adults are often too much afraid to disappoint expectations that they feel the whole society has for them.

These fears lead too much easily, for the standards of other people, to depression states that can develop suicidal tendencies. Which are already, even by cultural aspects, more common on the japanese people than in other nations.

There must be nowadays not a great number of japanese men who perform hara kiri, which was the way ancient samurai warriors - and some famous personalities of our times, like Yukyo Mishima, one of my favorite writers - took their lives. Today it's by hanging and ingestion of pills or drugs… and with no one watching.

Close to the base of Mount Fuji there's a forest who has turn out into a cult place for those who don't want to live anymore. it's the Aokigahara forest, also known as simply Jukai. This is where Hayano san, our angel in an human form, spends a great deal of his time. I presume from the video referred above, as member of a Suicide Prevention Patrol, as well as a state forests ranger.

The love and concern that this man, Mr. Azusa Hayano, shows in this video for these poor men and women, their countrymen, who are desperate about their lack of hope in the future is, to say the least, inevitable and enormously touching to me.

This man has chosen to dedicate his life to try to help others not to take an end to theirs. To me, this makes him one of the greatest anonymous heroes I have ever heard of. 

He is a kind of human being everyone of us on this world should know about. And that's why I pay here in this blog my profound and most thankful tribute to Mr. Azusa Hayano.

I would have a lot more to say about this theme, suicide. But I think Hayano san says it all, mostly at the end of the video. And his words could so very easily be my own!...

I just hope this video and his example could dissuade many people all over the world from taking the so proven irrational fatal and final step. 

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