quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

• Just a thought...

“Comfort zones are better when they're shared”

This came up suddenly to my mind yesterday, while I was commenting some posts of a good facebook friend of mine. When I swear having been happier while compulsively sharing the available space on a smaller bed with another soul.

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Anna Khan disse...

hello giuseppe

hope you are good.

i just saw your blog in linked in
i really liked your idea and the way you shared , life becomes even more beautiful when you share and care for others and specially the loved ones.
i hope to see more of your thoughts

Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

It's thanks to visitors like you, Anna, that I keep blogging. To people that leave here their encouraging and kind words. From any part of this whole world.

You keep up your good work, as well, Anna.

Bless ya! ;-)
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