segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2016

• I'm a bum ;-)

I'm a bum*. A vagabond. A lazy guy. To the extent that I don’t like to work. No longer like it. In today's world and with this age that I’ve reached, I see no point in working for more than just survive. 

I don’t have the same dreams of those who are beginning their lives. Like in my little daughter’s case. I no longer think so much on having my own house with a tropical garden and a swimming pool, on having once again a big car, on taking holidays in these dream destinations for the masses. 

What makes me dream today is to find an old soul like me and hang around together, all around the world. Sailing the seven seas. Climbing up to the highest mountains. Feel the wind ruffling our hair. Drinking water from all fountains. If only we can find the miraculous solution that will allow us to do this, forever and ever. 

Or, rather than plunge into nomadism, adopt the same sedentary life of this old soul like me, there in that place lost in this world where she is now living. And design our nest in a wonder duet. 

I’d like to find the craziest female in this world because only her will be able to cope with me.

I just love women. I love her, the female.

It might be just because this female - I’m not talking about anyone in particular here, but rather beau sexe specimen in general - seems to have a great body, which I would like to be allowed to worship. Or it can be her hair that looks gorgeous. Or the way she dresses. Or pose in the photos I take from her. Or walking in the streets in real life. Her naked legs. The way her feet move on the floor. Her breast, this so wonderful brand of femininity, which she proudly exhibits to the whole world to admire…

Ok… But it might be also because she seems to be a special human being. With that kind of intelligence not anyone else has: sensitivity.

Or even just for the plain pleasure of cooking and eating a meal together. The kitchen is also a place where I feel always to mostly let go free my self-alleged charms.

I enjoy as much to cuddle as I do cooking in a duo. That’s me.  ;-)

Speaking about cooking… I began to say in this post that I’m a lazy guy, that I don’t like to work… But perhaps one of the challenges I would mostly like to take is to open a restaurant**. And if that would be done along with my lifetime partner, that would sound perfect to me!…

Yes, that’s it. I’d like to find not only my lifetime partner - if not someone that I have found yet - and think of some challenges for us worthy to improve the years that we both have yet to live.

I would like us to leave our mark in this world, together. And not just make money for nothing.

* I'm not yet a real bum… But I can turn out to be it one day, like this one who was the subject of this movie I wrote about in this post on another blog of mine.

** I even have drawn one time a business idea around this, summarized in this post on another blog of mine.

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