terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2016

• I'm done

I just saw the other day a person on the street with this lettering on the picture above. Stamped on a t-shirt. And I have this thing to take these random signs daily life brings to our eyes as something personal. As messages from some higher entities to me.

I’m done with my life. I’m really done. I’ve achieved the highest peak. When us two lived together for a while.

Now, I don’t have a clew for what to do with the rest of this current life of mine. If we won’t be together once again.

Nevertheless, this current life until now, despite some sorrows that come with the territory, has been greatly worth to be lived. Thanks to this someone I have met someday, somewhere.

And thanks to all the gods and angels* that have been always around me. And that don't cease to look at me and care about me, all the time, coming from so many different parts of this world.

* And little devils, too.

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