quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017

• Distraction

Until now, I feel to have been just a distraction in the life of those women that crossed for a significant amount of time my own life.

I have met the one with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life by her side. But unfortunately for me, I’ve never inspired the same feeling on her. Or for that matter, on any of the couples I’ve been involved, this feeling was born simultaneously on both members.

Will I have the fortune of finding one of these days my soulmate and the one who will wish to live by my side until the end of time, the two of them in the very same human being?…

I have this dream. Still.

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meindabindi disse...

You are very lucky that a woman can awaken such fire in you, even if she cannot return it. Such longing is proof that you are fully alive, a gift from the great mystery out there. As spoken by the poet Rumi, "Someone who does not run toward the allure of love walks a road where nothing lives." xxx

Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

Such fire in me, you say...

This fire has to be extinct. I am lucky to have this love in my heart for both of us, yes. But this is a curse, as well.

I feel to be spellbound. And for that matter, I've started to love a song by a great female voice from the Faroe islands:
"Trøllabundin", by Eivør Pálsdóttir.

This song lyrics starts precisely like this: "spellbound I am". And this dear Eivør Pálsdóttir is the carrier of these old viking traditions, that mean a lot to me.

"What do you think about when you lie in bed?", you asked me once, Melinda... Perhaps i can tell you today that when that happens, when I lie in bed, I dream of being in an instant couple, once again. If you don't know what that is, I tell you, it's the most wonderful experience a man and a woman can live together.

Bless ya! ;-)

meindabindi disse...

I think I understand what is to be an instant couple. Sometimes such a coupling burns hot and shoots far like a rocket, then falls suddenly, extinguished, from the sky. Sometimes it ignites slowly, burning through the day and night like a solstice bonfire. The rarest instant couple is like a stellar collision, each fracturing the other irreversibly and yet reuniting as a new entity, a luminous red nova of love that glows for years.

I know that cool and mysterious Viking blood, as my mama is Danish. I leave you with a similar song about being spellbound, En Dejlig Aften, by Danish singer Katrine Stochholm, the melody set to a poem by 19th century Danish poet Emil Aarestrup.


En dejlig Aften! stille, solvklart vandet!
Vi roede langsomt hen, i Lundens Skygge,
Sømaager fløj forbi os venligt trygge
Og hilste os som Folk, der kom fra Landet.

En Sværm Meduser steg og sank i Vandet.
Men jeg var ør af Kjærlighed og Lykke;
Jeg kunde hende kun i Haanden trykke
Og vidste ej og tænkte ej paa andet.

Da hvisked hun: »Se Skyerne, du Søde,
Se Skoven, Søen, fjerne Bjerge drikke
Den sidste Glands, glødende, purpurrøde!
Tilgiv, Natur, jeg saa det dengang ikke;
Isauras Kinder saa livsaligt gløde —
Tilgiv — jeg ændsed ej din Aftenrøde!

A lovely evening! Quiet, clear the water!
We rowed slowly, in the shadow of Lund,
Sømaager flew past us smoothly
And greeted us as people who came from the land.

A swarm of jellyfish rose and sank in the water.
But I was dizzy with love and happiness;
I could only touch her hand
And did not know and did not think otherwise.

Then she whispered, "See the clouds, my Sweet,
See the forest, the lake, the distant mountains, drink
The last splendor, glowing purple, purple!
Forgive me, Nature, I did not see it at that time;
My lover’s cheeks were so incandescent
Forgive - I did not see your evening red!


Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

Your mama is danish...

Hummm... And have you ever been to your mother's homeland?

I have some danish relatives in my family. Coincidences...

This videoclip, "En Dejlig Aften", was not available when I tried to watch it. But I'm going to pay attention to what you sent me, Melinda. There must be a superior purpose for us to have met.

Bless ya! ;-)

Marika disse...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kczWGdSZ2ZY - "Ei me iial ette tea, mis elu meil tuua võib ..." - Head Jaanipäeva! Hyvää Juhannusta! You never know ... but what
I know is that this song can hear in Midsummer fests all over the Estonia. And "Saaremaa valssi" in Finlad. Funny. Have a great and sunny Midsummer day!:)

Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

"You never know", you said, Marika...

That's right, I will never know if I will see you again in this life. But meanwhile I will go one day to see your roots. I have to go to Pãrnu. Maybe this summer. Because you were recently here in my country. And there's nowhere else in this world where I feel I should aim to go.

Bless you, girl.

And I hope you may be living a wonderfully happy life.