quinta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2018

• Owinięty w koc*

Nie chcę, żebyś była tylko moją żoną. Lub ja tylko twój mężulek**.

I want the two of us to become as one.

I want the two of us to live to one another. To always walk hand in hand. To always have this common will to never be apart from one another. No more than a couple of hours.

I want to have this homesick feeling very quickly as when I am just starting a trip to anywhere whatsoever. I want to wish to be back soon close to you. Back to any place we call home.

Back to do nothing by your side. Back to lay down cuddling with you on a couch. Or just sit next to you, feeling safe that you are close enough to stare at those dazzling eyes of yours.

Doing nothing with you can be great. As well as sweating while cleaning our whole house. Going to a theatre to watch a movie is as great and fun as going to the supermarket to buy our groceries.

And cooking together like a perfect duet… And eating our freshly made hot meal… It’s just another way, a way of ours of making love.

The same for traveling together. On a bus, on a commuter train, on the subway, on a ferry, booking a hotel for the night, having a meal on a restaurant, taking photos of new places… Even waiting on a boarding room. In all these moments we make love.

As long as we are together we make love. We don’t need a room, we don’t need a bed, we don’t need to have sex. We make love while walking together on a park, each one of us distracted by different subjects or sceneries.

Because we are always holding hands. And sometimes one of us stops, each one at a time, and we start a bear hug. And we kiss each other.

Do you wish to have all this once again? In a new and improved way? Or for the first time in your life?…

I’m already here, sitting pretty, waiting for you. How about you? Are you coming to join me? Or do you want me to go and join you there, in your limbo?…

And, by the way… Do I know you, girl? Are you still the same one? Or have you changed?…

Me, I’m always changing a bit. At least I hope for the better. But I wish you would make me stop changing, because of you.

Let’s not miss any other sunset together, for the rest of our lives. I dream of us one day watching it wrapped on a blanket.

* "Wrapped in a blanket", in polish.

** “I don’t want you to be just my wife. Or me just your hubby.”, in polish, as well.

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