terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012

• Panloob na kapayapaan*

"Freedom from desire leads to inner peace"
Lao Tzu

So, we have to get rid from desire… That's more easy to say than to put it in practice in our lifes, nowadays. Buddha also proclaimed that "Desire is the root cause of all evil". Trouble is mankind creates every day new objects of desire. Or immaterial concepts which are hard not to want. Like inner peace itself. 

I'm not making any sense, not even to myself, anymore… This inner peace thing seems to me, personally, an utopia. Will never obtain it. I'm far too much insane for it to be a desire of mine. I surely must be cursed.

* Inner peace, in tagalog, one of the major languages spoken in the Philippines, often called even as filipino.

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