sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2017

• I, World Heritage of Mankind

The sun was going down on the horizon that could be seen from the river shore of this Babel tower that my hometown, Risubon*, has fortunately become lately. 

This was last wednesday. A day truly important on this journey of discovery of myself that I am always doing. By discovery of myself I mean also discovery of what happens in my life. And why.

I think I may be an individual that could earn the seal of “World Heritage of Mankind”. Because I’m a really, really old soul. And due to that fact, I may know better than most of us how loving should be made, in ways people don’t expect it in the first place. To say the least.

I love many people. As ungrateful as this may seem, I feel no one on this earth loves me back as much as I love them.

That doesn’t worry me that much anymore since this last wednesday. Dum spiro spero**, as I said once here in this blog. One day love will knock at my door. One more time. And now I know damn well how to wait without anguish.

Another peculiar soul made me realize that blessed wednesday that I do something very few people can truly say to do so too: I put love and romance above all other things in life. 

But this is because I can afford that luxury. Once again, the majority of mankind can't even dream of living that way. Or are too distracted always watching their smartphones screens. While life signs pass by around them, poor devils...

Besides being this very old soul, I'm also perhaps one of the luckiest bastards in this world. Thanks to those divine entities that look after me from up above. I must please them. Or at least amuse them quite a bit. 

But I shouldn't be saying this. They might get mad at me. Again.

* This is how funny the word "Lisbon" sounds in japanese language.

** “While I breathe, I hope”, in latin.

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