quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2017

• Szczęście*

No one should ever put the key to his/her own happiness on somebody else’s hands. But that’s what we all always do. You, my dear reader. And the fool who writes these lines too.

I’ve made that mistake in my life quite often. And I led other dear and special ones to do it, at the same time.

So, why do we all persist on that mistake? Because even if we know damn well that we should not let depend our  happiness on anyone else, we also know this fact:

One of the most beautiful and sacred things in life is to fall asleep with someone you love by your side, holding him/her in our arms and feeling perfectly safe. 

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about… And I say more: there’s no greater joy than to wake up before your beloved one and wait for her eyes to open up for the first time each new day and stare at us, still a bit confused. And kiss her on that moment. And hug her. And thank the gods for being on that bed.

Most people have this blessing every single morning and they are not aware of that.

As a notorious human being - who has lived among us without being so noticed as he should deserve - once said...

"Everybody dies. But not everybody has lived."
Manuel Teixeira Gomes
former President of the Portuguese Republic
and writer

Now, I am what is usually called an “old soul”. I should know better what to do. Even because I also feel that it might be almost impossible to exist in this whole world anyone who can stand me for a longer time than all my love affairs have endured.

Unless they are an old soul like me, I can hurt the ones I love. And that’s a price they don’t want to pay but for a limited period of time.

But that’s not only pain and sorrow people receive from me. I also bring out the best of them when they are in love with me. And that’s why I said in my last post this: I think I may be an individual that could earn the seal of “World Heritage of Mankind”.

* “Happiness”, in polish. Don’t try to pronounce this word at home, if you are not familiar with this language. You will only hurt your tongue.

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