quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

• My daily pray for a miracle

I ran recently into this sentence, very well put by an unknown great lady, full of self proud:

"Next to me in life there will be one day the best man in the world, because I'm the best woman in the world."

I kinda follow this way of thinking!… And I feel glad someone else other than me had the guts to shout these words.

For if I am a man who has ended more than a year ago a nine years long and open relationship - far more open than it should be from the start, perhaps - feeling to have being rejected, I still realize myself to be a great guy. To about any intelligent woman with a mature spirit in this whole world.

I'm not going to be afraid of words. If people knew my life story, if they could hear what I've already suffered by loving, if they could see the things I've forgiven and my ability to walk in another person's shoes, if they could watch me deal with sentimental pains… people would grant me the title of "the best man in the world".

I'm nowadays very confident on myself. Despite being a middle age man, who has wasted his last ten to fifteen years of his life not having a major goal for it, I still feel inside to have a great power to make someone who might choose to be by my side unconditionally happy.

And armed with this faith in me, I pray every day for the miracle of finding and joining myself with the best woman in this world. I deserve her and she deserves me.

We both are special human beings. And this blessing the gods allow us to enjoy make us bound to do great things together in this harsh times we're living today.

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