sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

• I need a challenge in my life!

I have stated this on another blog of mine, yesterday, in a post written in portuguese, my countrymen's language. Today, I'm repeating myself in english in this blog. In order to broadcast and to spread my personal message at a larger scale: worldwide.

I desperately need to have an objective in the years of this life that still remains me. I'm a 51 years old guy that has recently became unemployed. In a country without a bright future for people in these peculiar conditions.

And to make matters worse, my last relationship, that lasted about nine years, came to a sad end the day after I turned my half-century age landmark. I'm fatidical alone for more than a year now.

In a situation like this, it is customary to adopt that famous radical measure in movies. Which is to join the French Foreign Legion. But I will not. It is not me. I do not want to go to a barracks once more. I've had my account of this total loss of time. And I won't enter either any convent, no sir.

While watching tv, I awoke to an initiative a few days ago which is called My Social Project. Which aims to promote volunteering. I registered myself on its website. And I advise those who read me in my country to follow my steps.

This has ingrained to me this crazy hope: it would be a great charity that someone or some institution would do me if they could invite me to a place where I could feel useful to a community. As for instance East Timor, Sao Tome and Principe, Costa Rica, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Ecuador, Armenia, the Seychelles, Tibet, Antarctica; whichever show up more promising! ...

To whom it may concern, I will send my curriculum vitae in order to judge of my resources, to contribute to any potential volunteering project on which by miracle I may be engaged.

Is there anyone out there who want to take advantage of my modest skills and energies? ... I stand here to respond to all requests and challenges that will be launched to me.

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