segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012

• My future bride

Yesterday was April fool's day. In my facebook I changed my status, pretending to be in a relationship.

I also publish on my wall this photo shown above. Stating to have been honored by the one I love with her decorated body for a special event. Leading people to think me and an hypothetical truly beautiful woman had made love. Superior love, like in a religious ritual.

This was the traditional lie I invented for this day. Right... I know what people might think of this. I'm so pathetic, ain't I?…

How I wish it could had been true. I would deserve it. I greatly deserve to have a bride. The most beautiful bride in this world. Because I've been hurt. Badly. Life owes me a blessing now. And I'm sure there must exist several women who deserve and wish a man like me. I'm a good guy. A sweet one.

I have high hopes that this dream I used as a lie on april, the 1st, will become reality. In order not to lie anymore about my status.

I'm going to start to dream more strongly about my future bride to be. if I dream of her more often, she will appear sooner than I will expect her to fill my life with a meaning.

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