quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2012

• The key to understand my soul

More than a question of trust, this is even something that I will adopt from now on to choose without chances of failure the ones who might cross my path of life in order to join it. As new friends or, even more important, as the one who might run as candidate to steal my heart, once and for all. 

In the case, of course, of such a person even exists in this world. I have my doubts, due to my life experience... Mostly the recent one.

And before all things considered, I doubt myself.

Altough I try to stay an uncomplicated guy, someone I feel I must respect very much told me today that she sees me as a complex man. And I listen. To be a better person, I must know how to.

2 comentários:

S* disse...

O silêncio deve ser entendido mas quando se prolonga demasiado deve ser justificado.

Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

S*, isso é muito bem observado. Obrigado. Deste-me luz.