sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

• My future bride - part III

Bold. Free. Strong. Determined. Fearless. Wise. Beautiful. Dreamer. Willing. Wishful. Equal.

This is the myth I will follow from now on. My "princess" charming.

It might sound pathetic… these statements, coming from the mind of a loser like me. But a myth is a myth. One has to build his own myths. His personal utopias. And the best politics in these cases is to aim high. Why should even the sky be the limit? After all this journey of mine, why settle for less? Why not move this charade fast forward?…

Chasing such a myth, all I might be afraid of is to become mad and alone. But that is what I am already. 

Meanwhile, I'll try to always be grateful to all those who have teached me the right lessons.

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