segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2015

• Nobody

These fresh thoughts that I will share today here are in the sequence of something that I wrote back a year and a half ago, on this post of another blog of mine.

Basically, what led me to write that post was this idea:

I’ve never lived alone in my 54 years old life. I’m divorced for almost 5 years by now. And since the end of my last relationship, I haven't met anyone in this whole real or online worlds who might be ready for a total commitment, like the one where I'm willing to give myself entirely to a new love of mine.

There has been no significant evolution of my status since then. There’s still nobody in my life. But today - not caring at all that this day is not a new year’s eve - I took this resolution:

I’ll try to find the craziest female in this world. Because only her will be able to cope with me. Only her will want to stay by my side until the end, taking good care of me as well as being spoiled by all the love i keep inside to dedicate her one day.

The last girl who loved me seemed at first, in the very first years of our life in common, to be crazy enough. But one fine day she has ceased to be so. Or she never was, in the first place. Or she simply grew up. While I stayed or even developped to a higher level the child I have deep inside me. That little demon...

As little as my hopes to find the craziest female in this world may currently be, they still breathe. She might show up one day, in the middle of a foggy morning. She might be now reading these lines. So, for her here I’ll state some previous words of advice…

I’m not a so called “family-oriented”. I’m more the kind of being totally and exclusively “my-girl-oriented”. I want someone who will make me feel no need to have any other friends.

I’m not financially stable. I’m an artist. Or sort of. So, you may guess money in the bank and a successful career are not assets of mine.

I’m not “god fearing”, whatever that may mean. I’m a free spirit. And my religion is kindness, just like the Dalai Lama suggest us all.

So now, all this said, one may understand why I wish the craziest female in this world to be my future wife!…

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