terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2016

• The most powerful drug

On this rainy day here where I stand, too far from you, girl, I wish to ask angels just one thing: that you can be as happy or even more than you made me feel when I realized what it means when you said that "you are rich and grateful, because you have now even more love in your life than you never thought to be" possible.

I love you like I never loved anyone else before in my life or will I ever love.

You are the supreme love of my life, kallis ingel.

Despite of all the hard times we both are living these days, each one of us on their corner of the world, the important thing is that YOU feel this love inside you.

And that you can find happiness on having this feeling, that allow you to keep on fighting for your dreams and goals.

I feel grateful and happy to know this from you. Because when you will be happy, no matter what the cause, I will be happy too.

Yesterday you wished me head õõd and to sleep well. And I started to miss when we could held our hands tightly.

We shall held them once again one day soon, I believe. The order of the universe demands so to maintain its balance.

Our hugs too were my life fuel. I miss our hugs. It's too hard to live without our hugs. Hugging anyone else but you won't do. I feel it.

Receiving your hug is the most powerful drug there is in this world!… Well, I was never on drugs in all my life, but I can't imagine any other drug more powerful.

You're right. I just got what I deserved. And so did you, girl. We did.

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