domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016

• Sweet n' sour

That’s what you are, girl. Sweet and sour. And perhaps that’s why I love you. Because you’re not just sweet…

But when you are, you are generously sweet. And you are still keeping inside you so much sweetness, I can guess.

Sour, you’re not too sour… It’s just me who is compelled to feel your sourness deeper.

I think I love you to the last drop of blood in my body. Or I should... I must... I need to... It's YOU! I think… Maybe I should not think so much. Maybe I just should… feel.

We lived in what I feel today was a fine harmony, for more than a month together. Could it be possible that we would live like that until the end of our lives?… There I go again, thinking too much!…

I woke up today with these words in my mind. Maybe they are not perfect. But at least they are spontaneous. Maybe that’s how art should be. Spontaneous rather than perfect.

To love is an art. On which I’m far from being perfect. Yet. But at least I hope to be always true. To myself at first. And afterwards to my unfortunate beloved one too.

Maybe these words have been dictated to me. From up above. I suspect I never before had these words deep inside me. Or even that it was possible.

What will people think about these words one day if they read them?… Should I care? Will I even be here in this world still?…

I strongly hope someone could read them, soon. This is my message in a bottle. I hope someone could save me. From myself.

Will it be you, girl?… Was it you, all along? Do you, after all, need me to save you, too?… Oh, that’s right, you don’t need anyone. You don’t need to be saved in the first place. The sourness in you will never leave you admit anything that I say. Not to me.

I still like much more your sweetness. You have it even in your tears.

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