domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2015

• Can't buy me love

Tell me that you want the kind of thing
that money just can't buy
I don't care too much for money, 
money can't buy me love
A famous lyrics by the Fabulous Four

This will be me being too naif, writing a post in this blog at 2 o'clock of a saturday to sunday evening, after this last Christmas, almost at the end of this good year, not being able to sleep properly, with my mind full of wandering thoughts...

That money can't buy us love, that much is true. However, those who will say it can’t buy happiness are sooooo wrong!…

I had to give up on my happiness because of lack of money. 

I was living with you, being happy like hell, just by being able to watch you working with your Mac on your desk. You with your back turned on me. Me sitting on our angry bed just watching you, peacefully, and playing a game on my smartphone.

Doing time, waiting for when it would be time for us to go to sleep. Or go out for a walk. Or some work assignment. Or when it would be the time for cooking or improvising a simple meal for both of us.

Oh, how our meals were all of them simply divine... It's even difficult for me to enjoy now eating the very same food I always had been used to eat all my life!...

In those moments we were all alone the two of us, I enjoyed mostly to watch you sitting on your chair, with your two feet with those so cute socks with floral Muhu patterns, barely touching the floor…

We were so happy back then!… And now, neither you nor me, we don’t have the enough amount of money to live again those lovely moments.

Love, there’s plenty of that between us, I think. Happiness, no. Just because of the damn money thing!…

We should had been together this Christmas!!!... If there is fairness in this world... We should had taken a cup of your wonderful glõgi the two of us, staring at each other's eyes.

We need this bloody damn money to be happy because we are separated by these 3,417 km, or something like that. And to make things worse, the world today is more and more denying chances to earn money by increasing shortage of job opportunities. In a worldwide basis nowadays, I think.

In a world today, where people can get together starting from living very far away from each other in the first place, there should be created some means to make the 21st century love affairs could be much more sustainable.

This pursuit of happiness by these new kind of couples in love should be a major concern for all mankind. Mostly for those who can have the destiny of our planet in their hands.

In the seventies in last century, in a time it seemed the world could allow itself to dream more than today, there was a slogan that goes like this: “No to gross domestic product. Yes to gross national happiness.”.

I wish "your" angels could listen to my words, if they ever want to pay attention to this fool that I am... You talk to them too, please. They will surely listen to you more.

I'll try to get some sleep now...

To hear this post’s original soundtrack (ost), click here, please. But not by the Fabulous Four this time...

Note: This is the second time I write a post in this blog about money. The first time was this another post, a very old one, here.

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