segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2015

• Mõnikord*

Sometimes I despise everyone else in the world. Everyone else but you, girl. You can be my last chance of a safe harbour.

Because you are the only one with whom I can talk to. Even if we don't agree on everything and we don’t think alike about any subject whatsoever, we still understand each other quite perfectly.

I despise people because they often don’t seem to give use to all the faculties our Creator made us with. Mainly intelligence. And its most valuable kind, sensitiveness.

But us two, we are not like everyone else. We are truly very old souls.

That’s why it feels so good when we are together. Doing anything whatsoever. Even doing nothing. But together. Feeling the presence of one another.

We have had this life experience lately. During a whole month and a few more days.

Now that we are once again separated by this distance which seems like between the earth and the moon, I live my days supported by the memories of all the moments we had together. And I feel my heart warmed by these.

I think you sometimes can be afraid that this 3,349 km distance might lead our feelings towards each other to freeze or decay in time. Well, I don’t think so…

We have a lot to learn from one another still. We should be back living together one day. The harmony that we have found to exist when we are side by side cannot be wasted. The gods cannot allow this to be just an ephemerous happening. No.

We have just started to love each other. We have a lot to give one another. We are the unemployed angel of one another.

* Sometimes, in estonian.

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